2/14-2/18 The calm after the storm! (OSCAR)

Hi! This is Oscar reporting from this week Ryoma Cruise.

Before the start of this cruise we had some really rough days in Palau but luckily it looked liked the wind was to calm down just in time for the start of the cruise. Although our first day at Ulong still had some waves it was much calmer than the past week. The storm however had left some marks by stirring up the bottom making the water murky and the visibility a bit challenging. But weather is something we not able to change so as always we do our best to do enjoyable dives no matter the condition.

1st day (ULONG) Guide: Yokosho and Oscar
1: Siaes Tunnel
2: Grassland
3: Siaes Corner

We started off with a little cold dive (26*C) inside Siaes Tunnel and followed up with Grassland and Siaes Corner were we experienced strong current and many fishes.

2nd Day (Ulong-Ngemelis) Guide: Yokosho, Oscar and STAR
1: Ulong Channel
2: Blue Corner
3: New Drop-Off
4: Blue Corner

Because of the colder waters there are a lot of fishes everywhere in Blue Corner so even though the visibility is bad we can see so many schools of fishes closely and a lot of them being chased by hungry sharks and Giant Trevally (Ronin Aji). After dinner this day, we could experience Mantas behind the Ryoma coming to feed on the planktons at the surface.

3rd Day (Ngemelis-Peleliu) Guide: STAR and Oscar
1: Blue Corner
2: Peleliu Cut–>Corner
3: Peleliu Cut–>Corner
4: Anthias/Peleliu Drop

Morning dive at the Blue Corner and visibility is starting to get better but still not what we are used to see. We later did the rest of the dives at Peleliu and finally we could get some nice and clear blue waters. The current however was not so strong as it can be at Peleliu but it gave us a very nice and relaxing drift along the beautiful reef of Peleliu where we could see a lot of Bumphead Parrotfishes (Kanmuri Budai), Sharks, Turtles and also a big school of Giant Trevally (Ronin Aji) just when we drifted of the Peleliu Corner.


4th Day (Ngemelis) Guide STAR and Oscar
1: Blue Corner
Milky Way Tour

Finally Blue Corner started to look like we are used to in Palau. Better visibility, good current and so many sharks passing back and forth at our hooking point.
We finished off with a Milky Way tour and on the way back to RYOMA our captain the one and only BOBOI gave us a beautiful cruise between the rock islands were we could see white beaches, birds, airplane wrecks and schools of fishes.

Thanks to all customers during this cruise who keeps a smile on their faces even though dive conditions is not always perfect!

Below are some pictures from the cruise:


Thank you for this time!