6-11 to 6-13: Welcome back Manta-san! (OSCAR)



This is Oscar reporting from RYOMA Cruise in Palau. This Ryoma Cruise we did for 3 days around Ulong and Ngemelis Area. Accompanied by great weather we had some really nice dives at some of Palau´s famous dive sites.

Our Schedule for the cruise looked like this:

Sunday 6/11 Ngemelis Area:
1st: Blue Corner
2nd: New Drop Off
3rd: German Channel

Monday 6/12 Ngemelis and Ulong Area:
1st: Blue Corner
2nd: Siaes Corner
3rd: Grassland
4th: Ulong Channel

Tuesday 6/13
Morning Dive: Blue Corner
after breakfast go to Milky Way.

One of the highlights was for sure to see the Mantas back in German Channel! For almost two months we have not been able to see mantas in German Channel but this crusie they were back and we could enjoy diving with two of them while they were cleaning around the cleaning stations. Also the Black Snappers (Madara Tarumi) was having a feast on the bottom were it seemed to be gathered a lot of plankton for them to eat.

As most of the time on RYOMA, we could enjoy beautiful sunsets and sunrises, together with delicious food served during the cruise.

Hope to see you in Ryoma soon!


Thank you