6/14-6/17 VELASCO Cruise (OSCAR)


This is Oscar reporting from last RYOMA cruise.,

This cruise was a little bit special and our target for the cruise was diving around the Velasco reef, which is a remote reef and hard to dive with only daytrip, making Ryoma a perfect choice for diving this kind of remote area!

Velasco reef is located north of Kayangel island, North of Palau mainland (Babeldaob).

Velasco reef is a sunken atoll connected to the Ngaruangl reef. With many drop off’s, channels and reef patches, we can experience some different diving compare to regular points in Koror area. Sometimes the currents can become really strong in these areas so some caution when diving is required. But these remote and untouched areas also give us the chance to experience some unique dives in Palau, and this cruise was not an exception. Hammerhead shark, Ornate eagle ray, Manta, Huge tunas and a lot of Silvertip sharks was some of the amazing marine creatures we could encounter during the cruise!

We also had som time to visit one of the Kayangel islands with its famous “Long Beach”

Guide for this cruise was myself, Showko and of course Mr.Ryoma himself- STAR.

Our schedule for the cruise looked like this:

Wednesday 6/14- North of Babeldaob:

1st: Rock Tower
2nd:  R-018
3rd: Tail Top

Thursday 6/15: Ngaruangl and Velasco Reef
1st: Ngaruangl South Corner
2nd: Velasco Channel
3rd: J-Blue
4th: Top North


Friday 6/16  Velasco Reef and Kayangel

1st:  Velasco Channel
2nd: G-1
Land Tour Kayangel
3rd: Missing reef

Saturday 6/17 North of Babeldaob

Morning Dive: Tail Top


Below are some pictures from the cruise taken by Staff.


Silver Tip shark at Kayangel reef

Hammerhead at Ngaruangl reef

On the beach of one of the Kayangel Islands

One of the Kayangel atoll islands


Thank you everyone who joined this cruise and hope to see you all soon at RYOMA!