A week of Irezumi Fuedai(Blue-Lined Snapper), Sharks, Eagle Rays and much more! (OSCAR)


This is Oscar reporting from the past week on Ryoma I. This cruise RYOMA was chartered for one week by SDC (Senior Divers Club) from Japan. Guiding was Star, Seiichi and myself (Oscar). Our main target for this cruise was to see the thousands of Irezumi Fuedai(Blue-Lined Sea-Bream) that gathers during a few months each year. Usually Irezumi Fuedai lives much deeper than we can go by Scuba Diving but when it is time for them to spawn (mate) they emerge from the depths to shallower dive friendly areas to do their spawning and release their eggs by millions, hoping that someday some of them will grow into new Sea-Breams(Irezumi Fuedai). During daytime they gather around the reef of Yellow wall and Peleliu express and during the morning they move further out towards the reef edge of Peleliu Express to do their spawning.

We could during several dives in Peleliu witness thousands of Irezumi Fuedai swimming in big schools along the reef drop-off. It was an amazing sight for everyone including this cruise guides Star, Seiichi and myself. Seiichi showed us the DayDream special style of diving Yellow Wall with Irezumi, by hiding everybody in a small hole in the reef just enough space to squeeze in everyone. After just a few minutes the Irezumi swam past us real close in a huge school, not minding us being there at all since we were hide in the reef.

Since this cruise was a one week cruise we also took the chance of course to dive Palau´s other great points like Ulong area and Ngemelis area, with everybody´s favorite Blue Corner being the most frequently visited point.


Our Dive schedule for the week looked like this:

Sunday 4-16 Ngemelis area

1st: New Drop Off
2nd: Blue Corner

Monday 4-17 Ngemelis and Peleliu

1st: German Channel
2nd: Peleliu Express
3rd: Yellow Wall
4th: Long Express

Tuesday 4-18, Ulong

1st: Ulong Channel
2nd: Shark City
3rd: Grassland
4th: Siaes Corner

Wednesday 4-19 Ngemelis and Peleliu

1st: Turtle Cove
2nd: Blue Corner
3rd: Yellow Wall
4th: Peleliu Express

Thursday 4-20 Peleliu and Ngemelis

1st: Peleliu Express
2nd: Peleliu Cut
3rd: Blue Corner
4th: Blue Corner

Friday 4-21 Ngemelis

1st: New Drop-Off
2nd: Blue Corner
3rd: Blue Holes
4th: Blue Corner

Saturday 4-22 Ngemelis–>Back to Koror

Morning Dive: Blue Corner


Below follows pictures from the cruise:


Ronin Aji (Giant Trevally) at Peleliu
Iso Maguro (Dog Tooth Tuna)
Irezumi Fuedai (Blue-Lined Sea-Bream)
Irezumi Fuedai (Blue-Lined Sea-Bream)
Irezumi Fuedai (Blue-Lined Sea-Bream)
Irezumi Fuedai (Blue-Lined Sea-Bream)

One of the beautiful sunsets we had during the week.

Ryoma sunset while watching dolphins playing in front of the ship

Dolphins playing at the front of RYOMA

DD7 at sunset

Irezumi Fuedai (Blue-Lined Sea-Bream) spawning at Peleliu

Irezumi Fuedai (Blue-Lined Sea-Bream) spawning at Peleliu


Thank you everyone for a great week of cruising with RYOMA. We all had great dives for sure!!


Thank you from

Star, Seiichi and Oscar